Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the wood found?

Many buildings are being demolished and rebuilt in Woodstock. I noticed many homeless people wandering about with wood; we source our wood from these sites.

Why are the frames fumigated?

The frames are fumigated because we use recycled wood. Fumigation is therefore used to prevent bugs from destroying the wood which allows us to make superior quality rustic frames.

Why does my frame look different to the one in the picture?

Every frame is unique and as a result of using recycled wood, no two frames will look the same however is of equal quality to the one pictured.

What is the delivery time for local orders?

It depends on the quantity ordered. For example an order of 50 frames would take approximately 5 business days to complete.

What is the lead time for production of international orders?

It depends on the quantity ordered and the destination, for example 100 frames would take approximately 10 business days to complete.

What is the return policy?

Frames are sold as is and therefore there is no return policy.

What type of wood are they made out of?

All frames are made out of recycled timber.

Can I order a custom frame and how do I go about doing this?

Custom orders can be placed, however it depends on the quantity as it will take much longer to produce compared to the standard size frame. See process of ordering.

Do the frames come with a glass front?

All frames are provided with a glass front and hanging groove at the back making it easy to hang. The backing can be removed in order to place your own pictures in the frame.

Do you offer a discount for wholesale orders?

There is a standard retail and wholesale price, unfortunately there is no discount on these. Please contact shirleysrusticframes@gmail.com for the price list.

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